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Charkit is proud to work with our principal partner and skin microbiome expert, Oat Cosmetics to provide the Personal Care industry with innovative ingredients that provide favorable conditions for the skin microbiome.

We're excited to know that you're interested in the growing microbiome trend for improving skin health! Take a look at the resources we've compiled to help you learn more about the skin microbiome, sourcing ingredients, and formulating personal care products for healthy skin.


Charkit carries Oat Cosmetics' aurafirm range of natural Oat fermented actives which improve skin health and boost cell turnover. The benefits of using aurafirm products include:

  • Accelerates Microbiome Recovery – Speeds up the recovery of the skin's first line of defense and enhances the conditions for the microbiome to thrive (In Vitro).
  • Plumps and Firms Skin – Increases stratum corneum thickness, epidermal thickness and lamination (Ex Vivo).
  • Smoothes Skin  aurafirm rapidly decreases skin roughness and firms and plumps the skin (In Vivo).
  • Skin Radiance  aurafirm significantly improves complexion and skin radiance (In Vivo).
  • Leaves Skin Moisturized and Comforted – 70% of consumers felt aurafirm gave long term comfort, moisturisation, radiance and firmness as well rapid comfort, moisturisation and firmness (Consumer Trial).
  • Conditions and Improves Hair – Benefits hair care products by improving the feel and conditions of wet and dry hair (Ex Vivo).


Explore the range:

aurafirm P - Concentrated fermented cream.

aurafirm N - Mobile liquid with a small amount of suspended sediment.

aurafirm S - Aesthetically pleasing clear liquid.

Are you interested in incorporating the aurafirm products into your personal care formulations? Take a look at these formulations provided by Oat Cosmetics to get you started.

Aftershave Balm
Cleansing Balm
Firming Eye Cream
Nourishing Night Cream
Recovery Butter
Serum Duo
Skin Saviour Serum

Are you looking for a little extra reading on the connection between microbiomes and skin health? Check out this information by Oat Cosmetics!

What is the skin microbiome?

Personal Care Insights - The Microbiome

The aurafirm Range


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